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Recruiter’s Outlook October 2018

Ace Merluza October 19, 2018
Photo Credit: Private collection

Busy time of the year!

Just as I’ve just completed my follow-ups from the largest solar conference in the US, I’m planning my meetings for the most prominent wind energy conference in Canada. Busy time of year! If you’ve read the top publications for solar energy, you may have seen our news coverage last month reporting a growth in US solar jobs. If not, you can read it here in Solar Power World. In a nutshell, US hiring in solar energy is up, and I’m predicting a sustained demand through the end of 2019.

At EnergeiaWorks, we’ve started out Q4 strong and on our way to achieving a company high for single year revenue. What are we working on? Construction, implementation, operations, engineering, and maintenance are ruling our open job requests. Nearly 60% of our requirements now are supporting the construction and operations of wind farms and solar power plants. We’re seeing more requests for energy storage experts supporting power plants and having more conversations with offshore wind developers. See my article in Renewable Energy World about where offshore wind jobs could be in the US. We’re currently in talks with offshore project developers who are in the RFP process in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. If these projects see the development finish line, this could be huge (localized) job growth!

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m extremely proud and supportive of my team. My colleagues are an extension of me and the EnergeiaWorks brand that I have worked so hard to build. I preach trust and respect and command it in return. I’m gratified by the recognition EnergeiaWorks has developed among the industry and thankful for my team and for their hard work. Here’s an example: our Canadian Account Manager, Victoria Waye, orchestrated a poster presentation for Solar Power International on Best Hiring Practices is Renewable Energy, which was selected to be displayed on the conference floor. Victoria was also invited to speak on the topic at a recent Canadian wind energy conference focused on O&M. Our Austin- based Account Manager, Monica Scantlen, has been selected to speak at the Solar Business Festival next month and was recently profiled by The Solar Foundation.

This month you can find Victoria and me at CanWEA Conference & Exhibition in Calgary. You can coordinate a meeting through our Operations Manager, Ace Merluza, by sending an email to

If you need assistance with your Q4 hiring strategy, please reach out to us to schedule a virtual meeting. You can find a team of EnergeiaWorks’ recruiters this month at Solar Power International. You can coordinate a meeting through our Operations Manager, Ace Merluza, by sending an email to

All are welcome to join us at our upcoming Renewables UnWind events. On October 24, we are hosting Renewables UnWind after the CanWEA Conference at Cowboys Dance Hall in Calgary. RSVP through EventBrite using password WIND2018. On November 6, Renewables UnWind will take place in Jersey City following SolarWakeup Live! We’ve partnered with Antenna Group and Quickmount PV to bring you Renewables UnWind at FM Bar & Lounge. RSVP through EventBrite using password RUW11. On December 13, you can find us in Brooklyn at Fulton Hall. RSVP through Eventbrite using password RUW12.

Ace Merluza October 19, 2018