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Whether you are a professional with experience in renewable energy or a career-changer looking to break into this sector, we can help.

We work with a wide range of hiring companies who need experienced veterans as well as up-and-coming talent with skills from other industries. Since our clients pay for the search there is no cost or risk to you - so upload your resume today and find the perfect job for your skill set.  

What does your resume look like?

Your resume is your first impression, make it a good one. If you don't have a presentable resume you're not going to get an interview. Since we get paid only when you get hired, our goal is focused on making sure your resume is top quality before sending it off to our hiring clients.

Are you prepared for an interview?

EnergeiaWorks' expert team will prepare you every step of the way. For most people, it's been years since their last interview. We will equip you with the knowledge to interview successfully. From basic interviewing questions to particular styles and questions to expect from our clients' hiring managers.

Should you accept the offer?

Sometimes, yes. EnergeiaWorks will work with you to get the best deal that is available. From salary to bonus, to stock options, to benefits. Our team will work with you to make certain that you leave nothing on the table during the negotiation process. We know our clients and work directly with the hiring managers.

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Positions We've Recently Filled for Our Customers:


DPW Solar

EnergeiaWorks has their finger on the pulse of the renewable energy and photovoltaic industry. They quickly helped me land a great position with the leader in my space.

Bosch Solar Energy

If you are looking for a solar position I would highly recommend that you contact William. He knows solar and will make sure you are prepared for every step in the recruitment process and will manage your expectations along with that of the potential employer.


Jamie is very detail oriented and produced excellent placement results for me at Bosch Solar. I would be happy to recommend Jamie to anyone looking for a career in renewable energy.


Jamie was extremely helpful during the hiring process and providing me with information that I needed to make my decision. As a recruiting professional, Jamie was excellent to work with and was a key link in connecting me with a new position.