Sector Based Focus

EnergeiaWorks’ exclusive focus on clean energy markets gives us an unparalleled advantage in locating the most highly specialized talent in any sector including:



In 2016, more people in the United States were employed in solar power generating electricity than in coal, gas and oil energy combined.

As the market for solar power matures, there has been a marked increase in demand at all levels, from residential rooftop installations to utility-scale arrays. The falling price of solar photovoltaic creates immense opportunities – as well as challenges – for the solar industry. Understanding the shifting market and advancing technologies is key to placing the right people with the right companies.

At EnergeiaWorks, we place professionals across the entire solar market, from engineering and sales to construction and installation, and at all levels including VP, C- level and federally-secured positions. Our clients include the biggest names in solar, as well as some of the most dynamic start-ups. Whether you are looking for a position in the solar market, or you are with a company that is searching for the right hire, we have the tailored resources to make it happen.


It is an exciting time to be working in wind energy. American wind power supported a record 88,000 jobs at the start of 2016—an increase of 20 percent in just one year.

As offshore wind develops in the U.S. and Texas builds transmission lines to carry wind across the state, EnergeiaWorks stays abreast of the largest developments, and smallest changes, to the wind market. EnergeiaWorks has built relationships with some of the largest turbine manufacturers and wind companies. EnergeiaWorks can also assist clients that are working on projects related to wind, such as high-voltage transmission lines and consulting.


Bringing the electric grid into the 21st century while delivering safe, reliable electricity and using more diverse resources than ever before represents one of our greatest current challenges. Utilities, in particular, have to rethink their business models while dealing with aging infrastructure as well as an aging workforce.

EnergeiaWorks can help utilities, and the vendors that serve them, find the best and brightest in the industry to help the smart grid move from theory to reality. Whether working with some of the nation’s largest power companies, or the most innovative start-ups that serve utilities, EnergeiaWorks has a network of professionals to find the right candidate for any sector of smart grid.


Sustainability encompasses all facets of clean energy, and related fields like carbon accounting, energy benchmarking, supply chain management and maximizing resource efficiency.

EnergeiaWorks understands that sustainable business models are not just a luxury for large companies concerned about their brand image; they are an imperative for every business operating today. Working with a wide range of sustainability companies, from software-as-a-service developers handling demand-side management to risk and energy consulting firms, EnergeiaWorks knows that sustainability can be a moving target requiring sophisticated professionals to help clients meet and exceed their sustainability goals. As with our clean energy recruiting, EnergeiaWorks helps clients find the perfect candidate, whether a C-level executive, sales manager or software engineer.