Renewable energy hiring in Q4 of 2018 remain extremely strong

Renewable energy hiring in Q4 of 2018 remains extremely strong. I’m a big proponent of metrics to drive performance of our team. Of the 10 metrics I track monthly, 7 of them in October grew by 100% over September’s figures. We broke our single month record for new searches within our existing customer base and secured the most new customers in a single month in 2018. November and December are shaping up to be equally dynamic.

Our demand fits into two categories: companies trying to get one more hire in 2018, and companies trying to get a jump start on a January start date. For EnergeiaWorks, Q4 will be a strong finish to our best revenue-producing year in company history. As I mentioned last month, I predict high hiring demand to continue in 2019 before the ITC begins to step down. Leading hiring sectors include California commercial solar and energy storage, east coast offshore wind, New Jersey commercial solar, utility-scale wind and solar in Alberta, SMART projects in Massachusetts, and global microgrid/minigrid solutions.

November 30, 2018 William Liuzza

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