8 Years of Reflection for EnergeiaWorks

This is our first newsletter of 2019, which is poised to be an aggressive year in the US clean energy market. Our January finished up to be the single most successful month for EnergeiaWorks. We had more placements this month than any previous month in our eight-year history. This is a great indication of the growth within the solar and wind markets in the US and the future of our energy independence. Investments from private equity and the creation of infrastructure funds dedicated to renewables will break records in 2019. Construction, engineering, and operations of behind-the-meter solar, commercial solar+storage, utility-scale solar, and onshore wind will break records in 2019. And the development of offshore wind projects in multiple states will break records in 2019. Do you have the right talent on your team to meet this demand? If your company needs assistance with hiring strategy, please reach out to us to schedule a virtual meeting.
Given that we are celebrating eight years of business, I'm going to reflect a little here on myself and EnergeiaWorks. Go ahead and scroll through if you're not interested. I'm not offended. This is my 22nd year of recruiting and I've solved staffing problems in government, dot com, telecom, data security, critical infrastructure, and clean energy around the globe. I've literally helped hundreds of companies find thousands of expert professionals, but I can honestly say that no field has been more rewarding than renewables. It's a small reassurance to know that the talent we find is making a difference in the world and helping future generations eradicate carbon pollution.
As we post daily and publish my monthly Recruiter's Outlook to LinkedIn, it's time for a shameless plug. If you don't use it, use it. Now. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with 590M users in 200 countries. Shortly after the launch in 2002, I began using LinkedIn (my member ID is 376,501!). Over these past 15 years, I've connected with over 10,000 people that I've met through my recruiting journey and made a lot of good friends through the network. LinkedIn helped me build my companies and my personal brand. Some of my most popular posts get 8,000 views. According to my productivity tracker, I spent 165 hours on social media in 2018. Likely 90% of that is LinkedIn. The power of social media!
EnergeiaWorks' market entry was solar technology and it continues to comprise the majority of our revenue. Back when EnergeiaWorks was just a piece of concept information, I went to a trade show in Philadelphia called PV America. That show (now in Boston and now called Solar Power Northeast) will always hold a sweet spot in my heart. We sponsor a range of conferences, organizations, and trade shows, and this is by far my most favorite check to write. This February, for the third straight year, EnergeiaWorks is a Megawatt sponsor for Solar Power Northeast and hosts the official networking reception at Harpoon Brewery. Come meet us! Friends of EnergeiaWorks can use the code P1519EW for 15% off full SPNE conference passes including access to this event.
January 5, 2019 William V. Liuzza

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