2019 is Poised to be an Aggressive year in the US Clean Energy Market

Hiring for utility-scale and commercial project asset management in solar and wind energy continues to lead all new employment within renewables. It's no surprise that two of the fastest growing US conferences are the AWEA's Wind Project O&M and Safety Conference, taking place this week in San Diego, and Solarplaza's Solar Asset Management North America, which is scheduled for the end of March.
EnergeiaWorks just broke a quarterly revenue record for the first quarter, in large part due to the demand for professionals who support asset management, performance optimization, and field support of operating assets. 70% of our placements in Q1 touched asset management in some fashion and this is not slowing down anytime soon. We still have a huge demand for engineers and operations talent that supports field assets. We’ve lost multiple candidates before we could even schedule them for an interview. It’s fair to say that asset manager professionals are in the driver’s seat and will have multiple offers. Why is asset management growing so fast right now? Primarily, because of sheer volume. The accumulation of wind farms and solar plants in the field requires engineering skill operational oversight. The second factor is partially related to tariffs – fewer margins on each project. Lower profit potential means that developers need to get the absolute most out of every megawatt in each investment. And the final answer is the most interesting: critical infrastructure (including wind & solar) is growing smarter, and very rapidly so. Big data, predictive analytics, and data science are making great improvements. These technological advances deliver more efficient and scientific means to increase asset production, resulting in greater yields than predicted and in some cases, a production that exceeds the amount that the equipment was designed to produce. EnergeiaWorks has helped countless manufacturers build departments of talent to help with predictive analytics, software control systems, electronic control systems, SCADA, and cloud-based communication devices. These are not your dad’s hippie solar installations of the 1970s. These are smart, cost-effective, well-designed, efficient, and secure power plants taking energy independence and investment to the next level.
2019 is poised to be an aggressive year in the US clean energy market, and asset management will continue to lead the recruitment of talent. If you’re hiring asset management talent, get these professionals through the interview process as fast as possible, and make an aggressive offer if you want to hire them. Just assume you will be competing against other companies who want that individual as well. Do you have the right talent on your team to meet this demand? If your company needs assistance with hiring strategy, please reach out to us to schedule a virtual meeting, or see more details below on where to meet us around North America.
It was a pleasure to host the Harpoon Brewery Networking Reception at Solar Power Northeast this month in Boston. This event is certainly one of the best networking receptions on the tradeshow circuit. We raffled off a Birksun solar-powered backpack which was won by Rob Miller of EnterSolar. Congrats Rob! Where else can you find EnergeiaWorks? At our Renewables UnWind next week in New York co-sponsored with Soltage. Upcoming UnWind events are being held San Diego, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Houston, and Calgary. Reserve your free ticket through renewablesunwind.com. You can also find news on our upcoming events, and photo galleries of our previous events.
We’ve partnered with Yann Brandt for SolarWakeup Live! Boston for the Dealmaker Series taking place on March 26. Register today as a friend of EnergeiaWorks and receive 20% off registration by entering SWL-EW20 at checkout. In April, meet us in Phoenix at the ESA Energy Storage Conference and in San Diego for California Solar Power. We’ve also partnered with Midwest Solar Expo in Minneapolis. Use MWSE-EW15 to register and save 15% off full conference ticket. I hope to see many of you at some of these events.
February 5, 2019 William V. Liuzza

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