From Alternative Energy to All Energy

Do you remember when they used to call wind and solar alternative energy? I do. (I also remember when people said I was crazy for starting a recruiting company solely dedicated to clean energy but that's a whole other story!) In 2019, more power generation projects are completed with wind and solar than any other technology; therefore, we should be calling wind and solar mainstream energy.

Also interesting is that the wind and solar industries now recognize that their solution has evolved. At last week's WindPower event in Houston, AWEA was promoting WIND+ and is pushing the CleanPower theme for their annual event in Denver for 2020. Similarly, Solar Power Events is putting forth the North America Smart Energy Week brand rather than Solar Power International (SPI). This event which used to be all solar is now solar, storage, hydrogen, and microgrid. Utility-scale power generation and localized distributed generation jobs can not be outsourced. All Energy and America First - these are real American jobs growing at a sustainable rate.

Solar installer and wind technicians are two of the fastest growing jobs in America and, often times, in states that need these jobs. Wind and solar alone comprise 356,000 US jobs (excluding storage, EV, microgrid, efficiency) but the most potential comes from offshore wind. An industry which is truly at its infancy (with only five spinning turbines and five active states) can have its employment surpass that of onshore wind within 15 years. Think about the offshore wind potential along the east and west coasts, on the Gulf, and near the Great Lakes. Think about the supply chain, construction, engineering, and O&M jobs. Think about these parts and get ready for my comprehensive forthcoming article on offshore wind jobs in the US.

EnergeiaWorks is pacing for a record breaking quarter and record breaking year with no signs of slowing down. We've restructured (added temporary and project based staffing services) and hired additional staff to keep up with the demand. 2019 is poised to be an aggressive year in the US clean energy market. EnergeiaWorks is here to help you with talent acquisition in R&D, manufacturing, development, engineering, construction, and O&M.

Do you have the right talent on your team to meet demand? If your company needs assistance with hiring strategy, please reach out to us to schedule a virtual meeting, or see more details below on where to meet us around North America.

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June 1, 2019 William Liuzza

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