EnergeiaWorks at Smart Energy Week

The biggest solar event of the year is over... And I missed it! Due to a conflict in my schedule, I missed my first SPI in 9 years. However, EnergeiaWorks sent a talented team of recruiters to Salt Lake City who came back with some very positive feedback from the conference. I've also read just about every review from the media outlets. Very happy to hear about all of the success from the show but the ITC fight seems like déjà vu. I know we have to fight but we shouldn't have to fight. A wise friend said it best when he proclaimed, 'ten years ago, solar and wind were called alternative energy. Now, conventional power generation should be called alternative energy!'

Power generation installations for solar and wind will break records this year. Conventional energy will not. This means talent acquisition for professionals who work in renewables (development, engineering, construction, and operations) will remain tight. Conventional energy will not. EnergeiaWorks is here to help you with talent acquisition and staffing in North America for professionals in solar, wind, energy storage, hydro, biogas, geothermal, and energy efficiency.

EnergeiaWorks is proud to announce we've opened a Denver office so come meet us in October at the Distributed Energy Conference. Join us on October 30 for Renewables UnWind Denver, as we bring the area's clean energy professionals together to talk about policy and projects going on today.

September 27, 2019 William Liuzza

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