Energy Storage Hiring on the Rise in 2020

Seems strange to be packing my bag for Intersolar in February, and not July, and seems strange to be heading to San Diego, instead of San Francisco, but 2020 brings some pleasant changes. I'm optimistic that Diversified Communications will turn around this conference and exhibition. Seems to be some good pre-show hype, and EnergeiaWorks is joining in by hosting some Intersolar events - more details below.

EnergeiaWorks ended 2019 really strong in our wind and solar business. Energy storage hiring seems to be heating up again after a few flat years. In summation, January 2020 for us is closing out with near record breaking revenue. Not only did we achieve our monthly placement goal in January, but we drafted a record number of proposals for new business. These factors lead me to believe that Q1 (and likely Q2) clean energy hiring will be extremely strong.

If you're a hiring company, remember two things. Get qualified candidates through the interview process as swiftly as possible. Make an aggressive employment offer to the candidates you want. Rest assured, they are in demand and will be receiving multiple offers. You may overpay for great talent, but they will grow into the role, and prove value over time. Not to mention money lost in having a vacancy open.

If your company needs assistance with hiring strategy in the new year, please reach out to us to schedule a virtual meeting.

February 3, 2020 William Liuzza

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