How long does it take to Hire a Cleantech Professional?

How long will it take to hire a cleantech professional?

Short Answer: Longer than you think!

There is simply not enough qualified talent working in clean energy to meet the demand. As the active candidate pool is shrinking, the timeline to hire is being elongated. In previous years, EnergeiaWorks estimated time-to-hire was 8 weeks, and we were able to accomplish this goal most of the time. In 2021, we've added 25% to our target timeline, and if I'm being honest, we're having trouble achieving this plan. Our renewable energy network is 11 years old with 132,000 contacts, and we're having a difficult time. Our team cold-calls all day long and we still have plenty of failures. Adverse market conditions dictate success.

Start early.

Some organizations don't have the luxury of time when it comes to hiring. But if you do, start early. It's better to have a new hire onboarded earlier than too late. I recommend beginning your hiring process a month or two early to mitigate any delays in your target start date for new hires.

Organizations are now moving fast.

In a typical year, we saw about 60-70% of our resumes convert to interviews. In 2021, we're seeing that rate increase to 80-90%! Market conditions are dictating this change. Hiring companies realize that there are fewer active candidates in the market, so they are acting faster on getting candidates into the interview process. And most hiring companies have lost a candidate or two during the offer negotiations this year. This too, helps speed up the process. Keep your process streamlined and make an aggressive offer, and you can still hire top talent in 2021!

Connect with Team EW today.

If you are currently exploring a new job in your renewable energy career, we invite you to have a look at our careers portal. If you're looking to hire top talent in manufacturing, project development, finance, construction, operations, or energy asset management professionals, reach out to us today.

June 30, 2021 William Liuzza

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