Ten years of Team EnergeiaWorks’ renewable recruiting

August on my mind.

Eleven years ago, uncertain of my future and curious about renewable energy, I took a leap of faith and submitted an application to the State of New Jersey incorporating a business called EnergeiaWorks.  I set out to build a top recruiting agency in the emerging, niche field of renewable energy, an area that I wanted to explore and learn more about, but one that I believed strongly in. Launching this business, I joined a movement dedicated to dreaming up and realizing solutions to reduce carbon emissions and help protect this world.  Over the years, I have grown into a thought leader and am proud to work in this field -- I have helped over 100 companies find top talent in renewables, hosted 20,000 people at our networking event (Renewables UnWind), hosted panel discussions about careers in clean energy, and have published articles in all of the top media outlets in our industry. 

I'll take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the achievement of my personal goals, but, by far, the most enjoyable part of this journey has been mentoring my team to be trustworthy and respected recruiters. Inspiring them, and also learning from them, continues to give me joy daily.  Ten years ago, Jamie Paquette joined me and became the very first employee of EnergeiaWorks.  With thanks and admiration, I announce that Jamie has been promoted to Director of Operations and will help guide EnergeiaWorks to the next phase. Eight years ago, Danny Cueto joined the team and is now a Senior Recruiter leading our efforts in solar construction and O&M.  Five years ago, Victoria Waye came aboard and was promoted to Director of Customer Success earlier this year. Thank you Jamie, Victoria, and Danny and the rest of our amazing team!  If you know talented recruiters who are passionate about the environment and love to win, send them my way! Team EW is growing.

What does 18 months of remote work do to the psyche?

If you've been reading my Outlook the last nine months, you already know about the shortage of talent in our industry.  Most organizations now understand this issue and have made adjustments to requirements or compensation to secure the best talent. Given the Biden Administrations view on clean energy, it's not a total shocker.  However, what we're seeing now in the market is a reality that no one could have predicted.

The last 18 months have been a proven success story for the remote workforce in our industry, and remote work is now becoming the new normal.  As most organizations are planning their return-to-the-office strategies, employees are pushing back.  The workforce has made financial and childcare adjustments due to the pandemic. Work days have integrated into personal time and quality of life has changed. We are seeing an uptick in candidates declining to report back to the office and only considering job offers that come with a remote option.  Are you looking for an upper hand to get the best talent? It's right here! Allow your team to work from anywhere, or build in some remote or hybrid accommodations to consider this new lifestyle and work culture, and you've just increased your candidate pool. 

Connect with Team EW today.

If you are currently exploring a new job in your renewable energy career, we invite you to have a look at our careers portal. If you're looking to hire top talent in manufacturing, project development, finance, construction, operations, or energy asset management professionals, reach out to us today.

Are you ready to network again?

It's been 17 months since Renewables UnWind hosted a live event, due to the pandemic. Renewables Unwind (New Orleans) is on the calendar for September 22nd! Click here to learn more about this event and register through Eventbrite using SPI2021 as the password. We've also launched a new video so you too can get excited for our next live event. See here!

August 31, 2021 William V. Liuzza

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