EnergeiaWorks Finishing Q3 with Record-Breaking Results

I'm very proud to announce that Team EnergeiaWorks has achieved multiple milestones in Q3-2021! We achieved 100% growth over last year (our 3rd year accomplishing this statistic!); we also broke a new record for monthly production (October) and quarterly production (Q3). Most importantly, we hired four new staff members - see our November hires called out below. It's been an amazing year for EnergeiaWorks, and for that, I'm extremely thankful. We have great momentum heading into 2022 and will continue to build up our staff to service the human capital challenges in clean energy. If you love to win and are passionate about helping organizations reduce carbon emissions, come join our team!

Where were the jobs in Q3? Believe it or not, they have been spread fairly evenly throughout our industry. We saw job growth in project development, engineering services, finance, construction, manufacturing, and O&M. If I had to pick one area with unusually large job growth, I'd highlight communications and technology. We had an exceptional number of placements that touched data science, software development, and monitoring solutions. Be on the lookout for this trend to continue into next year. Fortunately, these are the areas where we can find transferable skills from other industries that aren't doing as well as renewable energy, so it's a win-win.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

$80B has been carved out of the framework to combat climate change through grid upgrades, renewable energy, and EV infrastructure. All of these commitments will boost our industry. As Abby Hopper, CEO of Solar Energy Industries Association, puts it, "solar is a job creator" and will "create hundreds of thousands of quality career opportunities in every community." American Clean Power Association's CEO Heather Zichal said that the bill "will make critical investments in expanding the clean energy economy, growing jobs, opportunities, and investments in communities across America" and "drive new investment and accelerate the development of projects that could deliver over 1 million clean energy jobs by 2030."

If the Build Back Better Act also gets passed by the Senate, it would add another $300B in clean energy tax credits which would add even more certainty towards renewables. And certainty (for any industry) means jobs. Great news, yes, but we already have staffing challenges in renewable energy. It will be a challenge to hit the job growth goals outlined by the Biden Administration, but EnergeiaWorks will be here to support it.

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December 1, 2021 William V. Liuzza

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