Has the employment market hit its peak?

I believe it has. When hiring metrics are the lifeblood of your business, hyper-tracking comes with the territory. And I suspect that in April we saw the very first sign of the employment market in renewable energy beginning to slow. Maybe it is because of the uncertainty surrounding the circumvention case currently sitting with the Commerce Department? Regardless of the cause, I still predict that it is going to be a very slow ride to the other side of this bubble. Employers will undoubtedly remain active in hiring top talent through the remainder of the year, and likely into 2023.

Renewables Unscripted

Earlier this month, I joined the cast of Renewables Unscripted to talk about my journey through entrepreneurship and how I built the top recruiting agency that exclusively services the clean energy industry. If you have an extra 27 minutes in your schedule, please tune in! Thanks to Etienne Lecompte and James Pagonis for having me, and thank you Derick Lila for organizing and producing this podcast.

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May 31, 2022 William V. Liuzza

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