Inflation Reduction Act signed!

Now that the IRA is law, let's get to work! The US has carved out $370B in new spending on climate change and clean energy. We will see an increase in clean energy production and tax credits (including the long fought battle in energy storage!) and we'll see more domestic manufacturing in solar - First Solar made the first big splash there. This legislation will undoubtedly drive more venture capital and private equity to our industry. It's going to be a fun ride!

Pathway to 1 Million Workers!

Earlier this week, I joined a conference panel planning discussion for the RE+ Conference in Anaheim (Pathway to 1 Million Workers: Tools for Scaling Workforce Growth). I took this meeting from a sand dune - I'm on vacation with my family as I write this from the Jersey Shore (insert joke here!) but thinking about the future of the New Jersey coastline is no laughing matter.  Last night, I drove through one of the barrier islands that was demolished by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  As I tried to explain this to my school-aged children who weren't born yet, it made me proud to work in clean energy.  I reflected on the thousands of meetings I've had over the past 12 years while working in renewables and I'm excited to talk about my 20+ year career as an executive recruiter and about leading the largest search firm exclusively dedicated to renewable energy. We have our work cut out for us trying to get to 1 Million Workers (solar only grew 9% last year over 2020 - check out the 2021 Solar Jobs Census) but EnergeiaWorks is here to help the industry grow and I have some unique solutions to reach this goal. Join me in Anaheim as we discuss solutions for workforce development, recruitment, and retention in a challenging employment market.

NJ Solar Jobs

While we’re talking about the Garden State, IREC has released state-by-state Fact Sheets enumerating statewide solar jobs broken out by sector as well as by residential, non-residential, community solar and utility-scale solar. EnergeiaWorks is proud to sponsor the New Jersey Fact Sheet. The state’s 6,237 solar jobs as of 2021 represents about 2.4% of all solar jobs nationwide, which is in line with the state’s overall proportion of the US population. But we expect that number to grow significantly over the next few years in the push for 1 Million Workers.

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August 31, 2022 William V. Liuzza

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