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This is our last newsletter of the year — thanks to each of you for reading my Recruiter's Outlook in 2023. I appreciate the comments that reach me via email each month and in person while I'm hosting events or traveling to conferences. Your feedback and engagement keeps me writing!

I'd also like to thank our customers for trusting EnergeiaWorks to solve their talent acquisition challenges over the past year. I'd like to thank the job-seekers who trusted us with helping them find new and better employment in 2023. And, finally, I'd like to thank the EnergeiaWorks team based in the US, Canada, and Pakistan, and our marketing team in the UK. Together we are #teamEW. As EnergeiaWorks, we would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Looking Back on 2023

As I typically do, I'll be providing a look-back at talent acquisition within renewable energy for the past 12 months. It's been one of those two-steps forwards and one-step-back years for renewable energy (I won't say solarcoaster!). While the IRA is supposed to promise hundreds of thousands of jobs in the long term, other industry setbacks occurred in 2023 preventing sustained job growth.

The interest rate has slowed job growth (as intended) but also prevented some capital intensive clean energy projects from happening. Most notably, Ørsted cancelled their 1,100MW offshore wind project in New Jersey citing high inflation and interest rates as well as supply chain bottlenecks. California rooftop solar also took a major hit related to net metering, and CALSSA predicts that 17,000 jobs (22% of the workforce) have been lost because of it. Enphase recently announced that they reduced 10% of their company to adjust to the news in California.

Throughout the entire year, project developers have been dealing with challenges with interconnection and permitting delays, but solar installation hit its peak in Q3 by installing 6.5GW of projects. Canada seems to be no different! While Canada implemented an ITC incentive for renewable energy projects in 2023, the AUC put a pause on approving Alberta projects.

While our revenue represents just a fraction of the overall hiring in renewable energy, EnergeiaWorks is one of the largest recruiting firms exclusively dedicated to clean energy in the US and Canada, and I believe our revenue is a good indication of the overall job health in renewables. Throughout the year, we filled roles in solar equipment manufacturing, software development, distributed generation and utility-scale engineering, construction, and project development, as well as new projects in onshore wind O&M, green hydrogen and energy storage.

We are an extremely metrics-driven company, and unfortunately, every metric we track dropped from 2022 and 2021. Some figures declined as little as 2% but others as much as 33%. Generally, hiring activity in 2023 was down compared to the previous two years. For 2024, I anticipate that job growth will remain flat, and growth in our sector will largely come from domestic manufacturing production lines.

Here's a snapshot of our 2023 revenue by vertical:

  • Project Development — 44%
  • Hardware/Software Manufacturing & Distribution — 23%
  • Environmental/Engineering Consulting Services — 18%
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) — 9%
  • Operations & Maintenance Services (O&M) — 6%

Finally, if you’d like more information about global jobs in renewable energy, I recommend IRENA’s employment report. Domestically, IREC covers important ground with their annual Solar Census, and ACP issues more comprehensive reports for onshore and offshore wind jobs in the US. In Canada, keep an eye on reports coming out of CanREA.

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December 31, 2023 William V. Liuzza

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