The Power of Northeast Solar+

In 2011, a few weeks after launching EnergeiaWorks, I attended my first solar industry trade show. I drove down the New Jersey Turnpike (insert 'what exit?' joke here) and parked in a lot near the Philadelphia Convention Center for PV America. Having amassed 10 years of trade show experience in telecom and cyber security, I grabbed my EXPO ONLY pass with confidence (and naivety) and talked my way around the exhibition floor. Before heading back home, I refueled with a late lunch in Center City, poring over the business cards I collected and feeling excited to follow all of the potential leads. It was at this moment in my entrepreneurial journey that I knew I could be successful with EnergeiaWorks. I talk often about how important conferences and trade shows are for my business. After all, I met many of you at a conference! If you haven't seen the Renewables UnScripted session where I am hosted by friends James and Etienne, I invite you to check it out and hear more about the impact of networking.

Fast forward to 2016: after adjusting to the new Boston location, PV America was rebranded to Solar Power PV Conference. Later, it became Solar Power Northeast, and now it's known as RE+ Northeast. While the name has changed multiple times, the quality of the conference has not. In fact, it's clearly gotten better. The event host, RE+ Events, posted on their Facebook page that they welcomed 4,000 attendees in Boston. Not even the fear of a major Nor'easter could prevent record attendance for this conference.

Why is RE+ Northeast arguably the best regional conference on the circuit? For one, population. The density of the United States Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions consists of a staggering 115 million people, which equates to roughly one-third of the total US population. Second, much of this area is coastal, so its residents have directly witnessed the negative impacts of climate change, beach erosion, and recent catastrophic storms. Finally, the region is forward thinking when it comes to energy independence and distributed energy from the typically high cost of electricity.

Way back in 2004 (long before the Federal Investment Tax Credit was signed into legislation) New Jersey established the first Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) program in the world. In 2010, Massachusetts signed their first SREC program into legislation. Now, all states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions have community solar programs, which represents half of the total number of community solar programs in the nation. EnergySage lists show that the top SREC programs in the US are located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. These regions might not have the land for large utility-scale solar projects, but they have plenty of residential and commercial rooftop space to be a powerhouse in solar.

Need Renewable Energy Talent in the Northeast?

Consistently over the past 13 years, EnergeiaWorks has been sourcing top solar, energy storage, wind energy, and energy efficiency talent in the Northeast and Mid-atlantic region. While our core focus is North America, we have sourced talent globally. Given the focus on renewable energy talent in the Northeast, we consistently find 25-35% of our revenue each year comes from placements within this region. If you're looking to hire top talent in manufacturing, project development, finance, construction, operations, or energy asset management professionals, reach out to us today.

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February 29, 2024 William V. Liuzza

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