Report From The Road: May 2024

What a month of travel for EnergeiaWorks! As is typical for EnergeiaWorks (and for our industry), May has been the busiest month for conferences. We started the month in Minneapolis at CLEANPOWER, along with 10,000 other attendees! American Clean Power (ACP) did an amazing job organizing the conference sessions and beautifying the exhibition floor.

It was overall an extremely well run conference, starting with the Opening Reception at US Bank Stadium with a Prince cover band and a field goal competition, through to the closing reception with keynotes from Shark Tank's Daymond John and Robert Herjavec.

EnergeiaWorks’ Victoria Waye, Senior Director of Customer Success

Bravo to ACP for making a seamless transition from WindPower to CleanPower over the past few years and incorporating solar and energy storage technologies. And, speaking of ACP, I’m proud to announce here that we’ve partnered with ACP for their RECHARGE: Energy Storage Summit to host Renewables UnWind, Portland, coming up soon!

Moments in between, we networked, and even checked out the recycled wind turbine furniture by Canvus on the conference floor!

EnergeiaWorks’ William Liuzza, Chief Executive Officer

Next up, RE+ Texas! It’s arguably the fastest growing clean energy conference in America, in the fastest growing solar market, with 2,300 attendees and the second biggest regional event for RE+. We had lots of talks in Texas about ERCOT reliability and energy storage as the weather heats up. EnergeiaWorks’ account directors, Victoria Waye and Matt Dolansky were on the ground in Houston to hear first hand the optimism that has caused the Texas market to grow so quickly.

Matt Dolansky, Associate Director of Customer Success, found his doppelganger in Houston

Unfortunately, Matt and Victoria also experienced the powerful derecho storm that brought in 100 mph winds, an EF-1 tornado, knocked out power, and took the lives of seven people. As climate change worsens and storms become more powerful, it’s more reason for energy independence and grid resilience using renewable energy and energy storage as part of the solution.

Last but certainly not least, EnergeiaWorks flew to Chicago for the annual Midwest Solar Expo (MWSE) conference. MWSE broke an attendance record with 900 attendees! Victoria Waye joked that they might rename MWSE to the Nico Johnson Show. Nico did an amazing job being a keynote speaker, panelist, and bringing live interviews on the exhibition floor through the Suncast Media Zone. Well done, Nico!

We were very happy to see three concurrent sessions on day one that addressed workforce development. We see these challenges on a daily basis and we see the demand for talent being a bottleneck for industry growth, so I love when a conference dedicates multiple panel discussions to this topic. Speaking of bottlenecks, Victoria Waye walked away from the Arklight booth winning a bottle of locally produced bourbon by FEW Spirits. Congrats Victoria!

2024 marks the fourth year that EnergeiaWorks has partnered with MWSE on the networking event. We brought over 250 clean energy professionals to Pete’s Tiki Tiki for a special edition of Renewables UnWind, Chicago. It’s always a rewarding and fun partnership for us with MWSE!

Did You Miss The Solar Workforce Mastery?

On May 14th, Tim Montague of the Clean Power Hour podcast hosted EnergeiaWorks and CPS America for a talk about recruiting, culture, values, and retention. If you couldn’t tune in to the live version, you can catch me, Matt Dolansky, John Drummond, and Ryan Pasquali in the recorded version.

EnergeiaWorks has been helping CPS America with talent acquisition since 2016 — listen in to hear why this partnership works so well! We’ve also helped over 350 renewable energy companies find top talent around the world. If you're looking to hire top talent in R&D, manufacturing, project development, engineering, asset management, construction, or O&M, reach out to us today. In June, you can find me at NYC Solar & Storage Summit or you can meet Victoria at ACP RECHARGE: Energy Storage Summit. We're happy to help with your 2024 hiring plan and talent acquisition.

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May 31, 2024 William V. Liuzza

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