Wall Street Green Summit 2019


The 18th Annual Wall Street Green Summit is the longest running and most comprehensive sustainable finance event in the industry. It wil be held on Monday March 18, 2019 in New York. Launched in 2002 by Peter Fusaro, the Wall Street Green Summit covers cutting edge content, industry developments and features the practitioners and the leaders of tomorrow. More importantly, it is aimed at building the sustainable finance system for responsible investing and the changing role of business in sustainability. The emergence of the “Impact Economy” is where main street investors team up with corporations, entrepreneurs and government to solve environmental and social problems while generating financial returns.

The 2019 Wall Street Green Summit XVIII is the “one-stop shop” to come up to speed on the latest developments in Green Innovation & Finance.

  • Renewable Energy Finance
  • New Corporate Sustainability Initiatives
  • Smart Cities Solutions
  • Fintech and Energytech Solutions
  • ESG Metrics and Corporate Valuations
  • Impact Investment Funds
  • Energy Storage Opportunities
  • Applications in Fintech, Agtech & Energytech
  • How to Implement the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Microgrid Finance
  • Cleantech Investment Today
  • Innovations in Solar Finance
  • Transitioning to the No Carbon Hydrogen Economy

Staff Attendees

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