Contract Administrator, Solar

Los Angeles, CA
Alejandra Gutierrez

As the Contract Administrator; you will review and recommend terms and conditions on contracts in order to reduce company liability or cost. You will serve as a liaison between the organization and its entities, customers, and vendors as the main facilitator for contract review, redlining, recommendations, record keeping, monitoring, and change management.

  • Review customer contracts and advise management of contractual rights and obligations to protect and mitigate the organization's legal and business interests.
  • Prepare the terms, conditions, and assumptions for customer proposals, review technical and pricing detail for accuracy and consistency, and conduct business risk analysis as needed.
  • Collaborate with the legal team to evaluate bids, contracts, terms, and other legal documents.
  • Assist in compiling and analyzing data, and in maintaining historical customer and contract information to ensure ease of accessibility and retrieval of data and documents.
  • Maintain complete records on the entire procurement and contract administration processes.
  • Serve as the key point of contact between the organization and third parties to ensure timely review and approval of any contract variations.
  • Establish policies and procedures as needed to streamline contract lifecycle management.
  • Proofread, edit, and fact-check legal documents for accuracy and consistency.
  • Set up templates and approval workflows.
  • Bachelor’s degree in law or relevant field of study.
  • 5+ years relevant work history within a commercial function; preferably in renewable energy
  • In-depth knowledge of current PPA regulations, legal terminology, and contract documents.
  • Ability to identify, analyze, and suggest solutions for problems, customer complaints, and client concerns.
  • Must be a self-starting, motivated, assertive, and creative individual with excellent follow-through capabilities.
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated analytical abilities with strong attention to detail.
  • Excellent follow-through.
  • Strong time management/prioritization skills.
  • Strong written English language skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.
  • Must be driven and self-motivated.

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