Technical Lead, Control Systems

  • Boston, MA
  • $100,000 – $120,000
  • Renewable Energy

Job Description

As the Technical Lead, Control Systems, you will provide technical and disciplinary leadership of automation teams across wind and renewable energy solutions. You will work closely with the product development and engineering teams to ensure effective and efficient delivery of solutions across applications. As the Technical Lead, you will lead, manage, and develop a team of applications engineers while contributing to the delivery of high value service to new and existing customers.

Why You Should Apply:
  • Competitive base salary and bonus opportunities
  • Comprehensive benefits package including health insurance and 401k match
  • Ongoing Training and Development opportunities
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Ensuring error-free, on-time, and cost-effective product development within the designated application field
  • Optimizing organization and procedures in the project process to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Organizing and overseeing customer projects in the areas of product development, improvement, and maintenance.
  • Technically realizing customer and market requirements, translating them into successful product solutions
  • Managing the development budget and aligning costs with customer revenue to achieve financial objectives
  • Planning and administering resources within the group in close collaboration with the General Manager
  • Contributing to the increased competitiveness of the company through the development of innovative solutions 
  • Leadership and project management experience, demonstrating the ability to successfully lead and manage teams
  • Expertise in automation, with a strong understanding of automation principles and technologies
  • Proficiency in implementing application projects, with a track record of delivering successful outcomes
  • Technical background in electrical engineering and control engineering, providing a solid foundation for understanding complex systems
  • Knowledge in programming with IEC 61131, enabling the development of efficient and reliable automation solutions
  • Experience working with Fieldbuses