EnergeiaWorks launches new job placement service for solar construction workers

EnergeiaWorks, a North American executive search firm dedicated to renewable energy, announced a new subsidiary called EW Construction to help fill solar construction jobs.

EW Construction by EnergeiaWorks will support both full-time, project-based, temporary and contractual labor on construction sites in wind and solar throughout North America. The company will work with the top wind and solar construction and O&M talent to leverage its proprietary database of 110,000 renewable energy professionals. The company hopes to help solar and wind power employers experiencing difficulty in hiring for construction and maintenance jobs.

William Liuzza, CEO of EnergeiaWorks, said, “In order to fulfill the steadily growing demand for construction and O&M talent in our wind energy and solar energy divisions, EnergeiaWorks will offer a dedicated service to this market with EW Construction. Through EW Construction, we will also offer additional services for short-term labor, addressing temporary and seasonal shifts in construction schedules.”

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