PVBUZZ Media Partners with EnergeiaWorks to Connect the Solar Industry with Career growth Opportunities

July 13, 2020 — PVBUZZ Media Inc. (“pvbuzz.com”), a leading solar photovoltaic news and perspectives platform, announces it has entered a strategic partnership with EnergeiaWorks, North America’s most specialized executive recruiting firm focused on the clean energy sector. The partnership leverages pvbuzz.com’s industry audience and EnergeiaWorks’ human relations expertise to connect professionals and enthusiasts with career growth opportunities throughout the United States and Canada.

This exclusive partnership lets EnergeiaWorks publish jobs on pvbuzz.com. Website visitors and users can now click on the “Industry Jobs” menu on the secondary navigation bar to access a page where they can view, search and sort available career opportunities from EnergeiaWorks.

They can sort from a choice of freelance, full time, part time, internship, and temporary opportunities, in addition to choosing specific locations and even narrowing down by skill-related keywords.

“The pvbuzz.com website has become increasingly popular in the North American solar space,” said EnergeiaWorks CEO and Founder William Liuzza. “This partnership makes sense—and is a logical step forward—as we continue to work with industry partners to develop ways to promote career growth opportunities.”

The first-of-a-kind partnership makes pvbuzz.com that one-stop hub for those looking to enter the solar industry, for professionals looking to advance their careers, and for those looking to stay competitive in the solar space by keeping up with the latest news, industry trends, and perspectives that pvbuzz.com is well known for.

“This strategic partnership, which leverages our leadership position in the industry, is structured to give the EnergeiaWorks team complete control of the latest online jobs software—incorporated to our platform. This arrangement enables us to focus on our core editorial activities, and consulting business,” said Derick Lila, Founder of pvbuzz.com. “The partnership also reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision.”

For further information, please use the contact details below.

+1 (212) 961-6956

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